Iris Bendit

Iris Bendit

Managing Director

Iris Bendit is responsible to the overall business management of the company and oversees the daily team professional activities. Iris provides the client’s C-level with strategic communication counseling, acts as the clients local spokesperson and a marketing consultant.

Iris started her career as a public relations expert 17 years ago. Before this period, she spent several years as an editor and correspondent, for a variety of vertical media outlets, in the fields of  technology, HR, food, defense, agriculture and more. Her in-depth experience endows her with an insider’s understanding of the media needs and how to leverage this knowledge in order to advance the clients’ interests.

Iris holds a bachelor’s degree in Humanities from Haifa University, a master’s degree in Management Sciences from the Polytechnic University of New York, a diploma in Communication & Journalism from Bar-Ilan University and a diploma in Marketing Management from Haifa University.


Nissan Balaban

Senior Consultant

Nissan Balaban is the co-founder of MS Business Communication, the mother company of MSCOMMS. As a Director at mscomms, Nissan is supporting MSCOMMS activities.

Born in Brazil, Nissan has lived and worked in the United States, Britain, Germany and Israel, where he held senior executive positions in the publishing and printing industry. Through these diverse experiences, he has gained a global outlook and perspective.