What we do

MSCOMMS work is about managing and shaping perceptions in order to raise awareness of your business, build and manage your reputation, cultivate relationships with new customers and strengthen the loyalty of existing ones. 

Today, many companies are interested in strengthening their employer brand to attract top-notch employees and retain existing ones – often a challenge in the highly competitive hi-tech employment arena. In this case, MSCOMMS creates a custom strategy designed to differentiate the company and its unique offering from the densely populated market. Attracting new investors or educating the market around a new theme or product are additional reasons to engage with us. 

Well-planned PR strategies are powerful tools for business, and we know precisely how to design the right blend of sponsored and organic communication channels to achieve top exposure and credibility. 

Our Services

Our services are divided into three main areas. They can be based on a monthly retainer service or delivered as a standalone project, according to needs.


Media Relations

It’s Not Just About Doing the Work, It’s About Driving Results
Press Room

We believe in quality above quantity. Hundreds of media clips may seem like the right thing to do in order to get noticed.
But, if they don’t shift perceptions, make a difference and advance your business goals, you are not getting true value. MSCOMMS team is systematic in the way it produces and distributes editorial content, which is clear, reliable and useful.

Our Press Room expertise includes these tools:

Press Releases & Media Alerts
Media pitche
Facts sheets
Interviews & press briefs
Feature Stories

News Hijacking
Press Conferences
Media Training
Coverage reports
Speaking engagements

Crisis Management

Every organization (and manager) should be prepared to handle a crisis situation that might affect company reputation, operations or profitability. Whether it is an external situation that involves the market or an internal event that involves employees, a crisis tends to quickly spread throughout various media channels and social platforms, where it can escalate in moments.

A crisis plan developed by experts is the best way to handle the organization’s strategy in responding to the critical situation, and can sometimes be the difference between a fall and a rise of the business. 

Adequate crisis management requires communication skills, relationship management, adaptability, self-control, and creativity. 

MSCOMMS supports customers before, during and after the crisis situation, outlining the processes an organization will implement with a communication plan targeted to prevent or mitigate the damage.

Strategic Counseling

The core of our PR expertise is capturing the big picture and developing a strategic and tactical communications plan that will focus on the company’s messaging and business goals. 

MSCOMMS formulates the right strategy for your business and provides ongoing guidance throughout the execution process, in a way that drives results. Our counseling can support different stakeholders within the organization, from the Corporate PR and marketing team, the Country Manager, or the local HR leader who is facing internal communication challenges or need support in leveraging the company employer brand.


Digital Media

The digital landscape has created a media world with ever-changing challenges, impacting the work of journalists and public relations professionals alike. It’s an open borderless conversation, with unique communication dynamics, presenting exciting possibilities for all players. 

MSCOMMS effectively supports its clients in the new digital marketplace with the following services:

Reputation Management

Organizations who own well-known brands understand the power of public perception and its impact on their reputation and business. Online platforms are the public’s stage, where products and reputations rise or sink.  

Online reputation management requires the implementation of strategies that will shape or influence public opinion about the business, its products and services. Some of the players in this arena are individuals, many of which have the potential to become influencers in their respective fields.

Any business with a public interface needs to constantly monitor the web in order to identify content that has damaging potential or requires active response in real time. Such actions need to be taken instantaneously, before events escalate. Influencer marketing is one tactic for building a reputation or presence to support business growth.

Social Media Marketing

Building presence in social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter) is mandatory for any business in today’s world. This involves incessant efforts aimed at managing the brand’s presence in order to get the attention of the desired audiences.

Social media platforms need to be nourished with quality and relevant content, that will support the company’s messaging, reputation and business.

New Media PR

As opposed to traditional media platforms, such as newspapers, TV, and Radio, New Media includes interactive communication technologies and platforms and on-demand online content on websites, blogs, vlogs, and podcasts. 

There are pros and cons related to these platforms, ranging from easy interaction, engagement and information share, to viral, unpredictable dynamics. 

As PR experts with a deep understanding of the media landscape, we guide our customers in selecting the ideal media blend for their unique business.


Marketing Communications

Content Creation

In today’s digital world, content is a valuable asset that organizations are require to constantly develop, in order to deliver their vision and messages to the releavnt markets and audiences.

Content can be earned by Public Relations activities or purchased through advertisements and marketing content activities.
Crafting the perfect piece of content is all about storytelling. MSCOMMS experts will know where and how to find the perfect story to generate compelling content. We develop content with careful consideration of the audience and articulate it in a way that reflects the brand, the company, and its vision.

Our services include:

Content Marketing
Editorial Copywriting
Opinion Articles

Case Studies
Social media posts

Events and Conferences

Business events, conferences and trade shows, whether small or large-scale, provide opportunities for the organization to gain exposure, promote new products or services and ensure their messages reach the targeted customers in the desired fashion.

In order to leverage the exposure, our goal as a public relations partner is to support the organization before, after and during the event. We provide you with the media coverage you need to achieve results and connections. From securing meetings with journalists to speaking engagements, attracting key influencers and more, we help you reach your audience.

Our services include:

Dedicated PR plan
Press Materials preparation
Press Kits (Digital and Print)
Press Liaison

Pre-Event Media Alerts
Post-Event Press Releases
Scheduling Journalist Interviews
On-Site Support

Outsource Marketing services

Outsourcing marketing activities enable the organization to focus on its core business and work productively without being held back by a long list of marketing tasks.

MSCOMMS provides marketing support at different levels, according to customer needs and allocated budget. 

We’ll create and implement a marketing strategy, targeted to build relationships with your target audience.

Our services include:

Marketing plan – development and implementation
Marcom services
Business events – A to Z management